Medically reviewed patient education and wellness products, curated specifically for oncology patients. wellCORNER’s mission is to provide access to science-based, high quality products that are specifically designed to help cancer patients and their caregivers.

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Doctor supporting elderly patient by placing hand on patient's shoulder
General practitioner and her senior patient using digital tablet at doctor's office.
Brand Values

Our brand values reinforce the Cornerstone commitment to provide value to community oncology practices. We only offer products that are vetted for quality and purity. Products are recommended based on what we love and what we think is worthy of your time and money. We value your trust and confidence above all things.

Why wellCORNER?
  • Medically reviewed products, information and education – See our Advisory Board
  • Products specifically designed or chosen for cancer patients to support wellness
  • 10% discount off of retail price for patients
  • Value-added service you can easily provide to patients; no in-house inventory – products are shipped direct to patient
Senior doctor giving hope and comfort to patient.
Young female doctor in white coat sitting at the table and listening to patient sitting in front of her at office
How can my practice recommend wellCORNER to patients?
  • Refer patients directly to wellCORNER.com when they ask about complementary treatment or products
  • Optional: Receive free posters and postcards for distribution to patients
  • Optional: Sign-up for on-boarding training that provides an in-depth overview of the products and website

Benefits for Patients and Community-Oncology Practices

To Your Practice

Medically Reviewed Products and Education

  • Save time on patient education. Patients receive medically reviewed information about wellness products at point of care
  • Refer patients to a line of high-quality wellness products which are scientifically formulated or designed for cancer patients

Business Implications for the Practice

  • Products shipped direct to the patient, practice does not house inventory
  • New education and supportive care resource you can offer to patients; co-branding options available

Data & Technology Drive the Model’s Success

  • Collect and receive patient survey data related to perceptions on product performance
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant, real-time order entry

For Patients & Caregivers

  • Access to, high-quality products that are scientifically formulated for cancer patients
  • Purchase products at a lower retail price
  • Receive medically reviewed education about products and their purpose
  • Easy to use website that can be accessed with a personal device
  • Track side effects over time in an objective way, producing a longitudinal view of how they are feeling and provide information on product performance