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What is an aggregator?

An aggregator is a separate entity, that consolidates activity across independent organizations in order to negotiate better pricing and value-added services for those organizations.  Cornerstone aggregates the purchasing power and structures of independent community oncology practices to deliver value that a practice could not otherwise achieve on its own.  We do this through optional, opt-in contracted relationships available to the network.

Why choose the Cornerstone Specialty Network?

Success in community oncology is necessary to in order to maintain quality patient care. In today’s ultra-competitive and constantly evolving marketplace it is extremely important to be part of a large, national aggregated network to maintain or grow profitability. Cornerstone seeks aggregated opportunities that bring value to individual practices that they could not achieve on their own.

What value-added opportunities are available through Cornerstone Specialty Network?
  1. Access to a best-in-class, aggregated Distribution/GPO opportunity exclusive to members of The Oncology Network of Excellence™ (TheONE™)
  2. Exclusive diagnostic contracts
  3. Real estate services and consolidation models
  4. Aggregated clinical trial participation opportunities
  5. Creating revenue opportunities based on compliant practice data
  6. Forums for business best practice sharing
  7. Market research participation
How Do I become involved with Cornerstone?
To become a Cornerstone Partner Practice, to satisfy safe harbor regulations, a non-binding services agreement needs to be executed. Practices can participate in Cornerstone offered programs at their own discretion, and will be notified as new opportunities and services are offered.
To participate in the aggregated distribution/GPO contract, practices must execute a letter of intent in order to evaluate the opportunity, followed by executing TheONE™ Membership Agreement, to satisfy safe harbor regulations.
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What is TheONE™ Membership Agreement?

TheONE™ Membership Agreement is necessary to satisfy safe harbor regulations, allows participation in the aggregated distribution/GPO contract, and in the value offerings from Cornerstone. A member may terminate this Agreement without cause upon ninety (90) days’ prior written notice and there is no cost to a practice for membership.