Through network aggregation, Cornerstone delivers value added opportunities that support independence and long-term sustainability for community-based oncology practices. We negotiate optional, contracted services on behalf of the network.

Male doctor having video conference on laptop
Medicine scientist pouring liquid on petri dish working in lab with micropipette.
Drug distribution

Cornerstone has entered into a unique, first of its kind distribution agreement that can provide incremental value on drug purchases for member practices


Cornerstone has partnered with a major telecommunications company in the United States that provides solutions and products across the telecommunications platform. This exclusive partnership leverages aggregation to provide cost savings, and 24/7 support through a domestic network of 5,500+ certified field technicians. Network members have access to a free audit of overall telecommunications expenditures with solutions to reduce overall cost. Digital signage and media solutions are also available

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Therapist demonstrates the distribution of medication
Best practices

Through its network, Cornerstone has access to track best-in-class practices across other community-based oncology practices. These practices span clinical practice patterns and key business metrics. Member practices can also participate in moderated network forums to discuss key business issues